DC/OS Documentation

DC/OS Documentation

Welcome to the DC/OS documentation. DC/OS is short for Datacenter Operating System, a distributed operating system using Apache Mesos as its kernel:

Local vs Distributed OS

DC/OS comes with a powerful CLI and a beautiful GUI, a package manager and many more things to run containers and big data workloads in production. Learn more about what DC/OS offers.

Now that you know what DC/OS is, check out the installation instructions!


The overview topics help you get started and learn the DC/OS fundamentals.


The administration topics help you set up, administer, and manage your DC/OS cluster.


The usage topics help you run programs and services on an existing DC/OS cluster.


In DC/OS, the Universe contains packages that are installable as services in a cluster. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit a package to Universe. Some packages are “selected” by Mesosphere and are identified as such in the DC/OS UI and DC/OS CLI.


    DC/OS is a free and open source project and community-supported product.