Managing AWS

Managing AWS

Scaling an AWS cluster

The DC/OS AWS CloudFormation template is optimized to run DC/OS, but you might want to change the number of agent nodes based on your needs.

Important: Scaling down your AWS cluster could result in data loss. It is recommended that you scale down by 1 node at a time, letting the DC/OS service recover. For example, if you are running a DC/OS service and you scale down from 10 to 5 nodes, this could result in losing all the instances of your service.

To change the number of agent nodes with AWS:

  1. From AWS CloudFormation Management page, select your DC/OS cluster and click Update Stack.
  2. Click through to the Specify Parameters page, and you can specify new values for the PublicSlaveInstanceCount and SlaveInstanceCount.
  3. On the Options page, accept the defaults and click Next. Tip: You can choose whether to rollback on failure. By default this option is set to Yes.
  4. On the Review page, check the acknowledgement box and then click Create.

Your new machines will take a few minutes to initialize; you can watch them in the EC2 console. The DC/OS web interface will update as soon as the new nodes register.

Upgrading a DC/OS cluster in AWS

You can update an existing DC/OS cluster or services to use the latest DC/OS template.

To upgrade a DC/OS cluster:

  1. Create a new DC/OS cluster by using the latest DC/OS template for AWS.

  2. Migrate your active DC/OS services and apps to the new DC/OS cluster:

    1. Migrate, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) the app data to the new cluster.

    2. Migrate your DC/OS services and apps to the new cluster.

    3. Change the DNS so that it points to the DC/OS services running in the new cluster.

  3. Shutdown your existing DC/OS cluster.