Service Discovery

Service Discovery

There are two levels of service discovery in DC/OS. Along with every task that runs on DC/OS being provided a well-known DNS name, anyone can request a well known VIP that enables clients to have a single configuration value.


You can assign a VIP to one of your services by following these steps. For some more in depth instructions, check out service discovery.

  1. From the DC/OS web interface, click on the Services tab and select Marathon.

    • To create a new application, click Create Application and select the Ports and Service Discovery menu option.
    • To edit an existing application, select your application and click the Configuration tab, then click Edit. You can then select the Ports and Service Discovery menu option.

    Marathon Ports

  2. Enter the Port, Protocol, Name, and VIP address. Remember that a VIP includes the port, like

    Tip: Select JSON Mode to edit your application directly in JSON.

    For more information on port configuration, see the Marathon ports documentation.

  3. From inside the cluster, you will be able to use your VIP directly. You can SSH into the cluster and run this command to see it work:



Every task started by DC/OS gets a well-known DNS name. You can even enumerate every DNS name in your cluster. For a Marathon service named “testing”, you can find where it is running via:

    dig testing.marathon.mesos

Take a look at the mesos-dns documentation for a more in-depth look at how Mesos-DNS is working and what it is doing for you.