Updating the CLI

Updating the CLI

You can update the DC/OS CLI to the latest version or downgrade to an older version.

Upgrade the CLI

You can upgrade an existing DC/OS CLI installation to the latest build.

  1. From your DC/OS CLI installation directory, enter this command to update the DC/OS CLI:

    source bin/activate
    pip install -U dcoscli

Downgrade the CLI

You can downgrade an existing DC/OS CLI installation to an older version.

Tip: Downgrading is necessary if you are using DC/OS 1.6.0 or earlier.

  1. Delete your DC/OS CLI installation directories:

    sudo rm -rf dcos && rm -rf ~/.dcos
  2. Install the legacy version of the DC/OS CLI, where is the public IP of your master node:

    mkdir -p dcos && cd dcos && 
      curl -O https://downloads.dcos.io/dcos-cli/install-legacy.sh && 
      bash ./install-legacy.sh . <public-master-ip> && 
      source ./bin/env-setup