Managing Services

Managing Services

DC/OS Universe services are Marathon applications that are packaged and available from the DC/OS Universe repository. Available DC/OS services include Mesos frameworks and other applications. DC/OS services are created by the DC/OS community and by Mesosphere.


The general syntax for installing a service with the CLI follows.


    Each Universe service installs with a set of default parameters. You can discover the default parameters and change them as desired.


      From the DC/OS CLI, enter the dcos service command. In this example you can see the native Marathon instance and the installed DC/OS services Chronos, HDFS, and Kafka.


        Services can be uninstalled from either the web interface or the CLI. If the service has any reserved resources, you also need to run the framework cleaner script. The framework cleaner script removes the service instance from ZooKeeper, along with any data associated with it.