Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

Monitoring services using the DC/OS CLI

From the DC/OS CLI, enter the dcos service command. In this example you can see the native Marathon instance and the installed DC/OS services Chronos, HDFS, and Kafka.

dcos service
NAME      HOST             ACTIVE  TASKS CPU   MEM     DISK   ID
chronos   <privatenode1>   True     0    0.0    0.0     0.0   <service-id1>
hdfs      <privatenode2>   True     1    0.35  1036.8   0.0   <service-id2>
kafka     <privatenode3>   True     0    0.0    0.0     0.0   <service-id3>
marathon  <privatenode3>   True     3    2.0   1843.0  100.0  <service-id4>

Monitoring services using the DC/OS web interface

From the DC/OS web interface, click the Services Services tab.

  • NAME Displays the DC/OS service name.
  • HOST Displays the private agent node where the service running.
  • ACTIVE Indicates whether the service is connected to a scheduler.
  • TASK Displays the number of running tasks.
  • CPU Displays the percentage of CPU in use.
  • MEM Displays the amount of memory used.
  • DISK Displays the amount of disk space used.
  • ID Displays the DC/OS service framework ID. This value is automatically generated and is unique across the cluster.

The Web Interfaces page contains more details about the Services tab.