Installing DC/OS

Installing DC/OS

DC/OS can be installed on any cluster of physical or virtual machines.

Local Installation

For first-time users or developers looking to build services or modify DC/OS, the Vagrant installer provides a quick, free way to deploy a virtual cluster on a single machine.

Cloud Provisioning

For users deploying to the public cloud, DC/OS offers configurable cloud provisioning templates for AWS and Azure that will manage virtual machines and DC/OS installation.

DC/OS can be installed on other public and private clouds using the Datacenter Installation process, provided virtual machines and networks are created first.

Custom Installation

For new users installing to existing virtual or physical machines, on-premises or in the cloud, the GUI Installer provides a guided experience for bootstrapping a DC/OS cluster.

For advanced users installing to existing virtual or physical machines, on-premises or in the cloud, the Advanced Installer provides a scriptable, automatable interface to integrate with your preferred configuration management system.


Looking to install DC/OS on your cloud of choice? Look no further! You can use a template or use our advanced custom installer.


You can install DC/OS on bare metal, virtual machines and every cloud. With the custom installers, you have the flexibility to configure each installation of DC/OS exactly how you like it.


DC/OS Vagrant uses Vagrant and VirtualBox to create a cluster of virtual machines on your local machine that can be used for demos, development, and testing with DC/OS.

    DC/OS Ports

    This topic lists the ports that are required to launch DC/OS. Additional ports may be required to launch the individual DC/OS services.


      You can opt-out of the provided authentication by disabling it for your cluster. To disable authentication, add this parameter to your config.yaml file during installation (note this requires using the CLI or advanced installers):

        Deploying a local Universe

        You can install and run DC/OS services on a datacenter without internet access with a local Universe. You can install a local Universe that includes the default packages (easiest), or select your own set of local Universe packages (advanced).