DC/OS cluster nodes generate logs that contain diagnostic and status information for DC/OS core components and DC/OS services.

Service and Task Logs

If you’re running something on top of DC/OS, you can get started right away by running this DC/OS CLI command:

$ dcos task log --follow my-service-name

For more information about accessing your logs, see the service and task logs documentation.

System Logs

You can find which components are unhealthy in the DC/OS UI on the System tab.

system health

You can also aggregate your system logs by using ELK and Splunk. See our ELK and Splunk tutorials to get started.

All of the DC/OS components use systemd-journald to store their logs. To access the DC/OS core component logs, SSH into a node and run this command to see all logs:

$ journalctl -u "dcos-*" -b

You can also view the logs for specific components by entering the component name:

Admin Router

journalctl -u dcos-nginx -b

DC/OS Marathon

journalctl -u dcos-marathon -b


journalctl -u dcos-gen-resolvconf -b

Mesos master node

journalctl -u dcos-mesos-master -b

Mesos agent node

journalctl -u dcos-mesos-slave -b

Mesos DNS

journalctl -u dcos-mesos-dns -b


journalctl -u dcos-exhibitor -b

Next Steps