DC/OS applications lose their state when they terminate and are relaunched. In some contexts, for instance, if your application uses MySQL, or if you are using a stateful service like Kafka or Cassandra, you’ll want your application to preserve its state. Configure Mesos mount disk resources to enable users to create tasks that can be restarted without data loss. Learn how to create stateful applications.

Mount Disk Resources

With DC/OS you can configure Mesos mount disk resources across your cluster by simply mounting storage resources on agents using a well-known path. When a DC/OS agent initially starts, it scans for volumes that match the pattern /dcos/volumeN, where N is an integer. The agent is then automatically configured to offer these disk resources to other services.

    NFS Server

    For some stateful services, such as Jenkins/Velocity, it can be convenient to mount a shared network drive to every node. A shared network drive makes it possible to launch the task on a new node if the node in use becomes unavailable.