Updating the CLI

Updating the CLI

You can update the DC/OS CLI to the latest version or downgrade to an older version.

Upgrade the CLI

Important: If you downloaded the CLI from PyPI or from the DC/OS UI version 1.7 or earlier, you must completely uninstall the CLI. You cannot upgrade.

You can upgrade an existing DC/OS CLI installation to the latest build.

  1. Remove the current CLI binary. For example, if you installed to /usr/local/bin/:

    rm -rf /usr/local/bin/dcos
  2. Download the DC/OS CLI binary (dcos) to your local directory (for example, /usr/local/bin/). Update the command with the desired upgrade version (<version>):

    curl https://downloads.dcos.io/binaries/cli/darwin/x86-64/dcos-<dcos-version>/dcos

    Important: The CLI must be installed on a system that is external to your DC/OS cluster.

  3. Make the CLI binary executable.

    chmod +x dcos

    Tip: If your system is unable to find the executable, you may need to re-open the command prompt or add the installation directory to your PATH environment variable manually.

  4. Point the CLI to your DC/OS master node. In this example, http://example.com is the master node IP address.

    dcos config set core.dcos_url http://example.com

    Follow the instructions in the DC/OS CLI. For more information about security, see the documentation.

    Your CLI should now be authenticated with your cluster! Enter dcos to get started.

    Command line utility for the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating
    System (DC/OS). The Mesosphere DC/OS is a distributed operating
    system built around Apache Mesos. This utility provides tools
    for easy management of a DC/OS installation.
    Available DC/OS commands:
       auth               Authenticate to DC/OS cluster
       config             Manage the DC/OS configuration file
       help               Display help information about DC/OS
       marathon           Deploy and manage applications to DC/OS
       node               Administer and manage DC/OS cluster nodes
       package            Install and manage DC/OS software packages
       service            Manage DC/OS services
       task               Manage DC/OS tasks
    Get detailed command description with 'dcos <command> --help'.

Downgrade the CLI

You can downgrade an existing DC/OS CLI installation to an older version.

  1. Remove the current CLI binary:

    rm path/to/binary/dcos
  2. From the directory you want to install the new DC/OS CLI binary, enter this command to update the DC/OS CLI with the downgrade version (<version>) specified:

    curl https://downloads.dcos.io/binaries/cli/darwin/x86-64/<version>/dcos