Contribute to DC/OS

Contributing content

If you plan to create content around DC/OS, for example a demo, a tutorial, a video, an article or anything that is not directly a code contribution to DC/OS, have a look at how to contribute to the docs, let us know via Slack or ping us via

Publishing services

In addition to the services currently published you're welcome to publish your own service. If you're unsure how to proceed, send us an email via and we will take it from there.

Contributing code

Overall, the process to contribute code to DC/OS is modelled after the ASF process with a strong emphasis on individual contributors. The following are the four pillars of the DC/OS governance:

(1) Everyone who uses DC/OS is a contributor and is encouraged to provide feedback on the usage of DC/OS, for example by raising a Jira ticket or via Slack.

(2) Any contributor can also eventually be selected as a committer, with the difference that a committer has push access to all the DC/OS repos.

(3) The administration of the project, including the GitHub organization as well as project-related resources including Jira and mailing lists, is handled by the DC/OS Project Management Committee (PMC). The members of the PMC (as of 01/2017) are: Aaron Williams, Ben Hindman, Sebastien Pahl, Tal Broda, Thomas Rampelberg (Chair), and Vinod Kone. You can reach out to the PMC via

(4) A dedicated Github organization called provides a sandboxed environment for new or experimental projects. Any DC/OS contributor can ask to add a project in dcos-labs if they have a champion from the PMC.

Report or track a bug

Bugs can be reported and tracked in JIRA. In order to create a new issue, you'll need to sign in with SSO or request an account first. Please specify what type the issue is: for software bugs specify 'Bug' and if you want to suggest how we can make DC/OS even more awesome, select 'Improvement'. The more detailed your description is, the easier it is for us to react to it.

Participate in UX research

We continuously improve DC/OS by showing early work in progress to our community. If you are interested in participating in our future research and usability tests, add yourself to this list. We compensate participants with swag and gift cards.