Contribute to DC/OS


Welcome to the Mesosphere DC/OS community! We're looking for contributors to help us with participation at in person events, blog posts, documentation, bug reporting, development of packages, UX research, and more. Participation in the DC/OS community is governed by our Code of Conduct.


If you'd like to start an event or create content about DC/OS (a video, blog, slide deck, meetup group, etc.), let us know via Slack or email us at You don't need permission, but we'd like to know so that we can support your work!


If you'd like to contribute to the documentation, which includes demos and tutorials, please follow the directions in the documentation GitHub Repo, and don't be shy to @mention docs-team members on your PR.

Bug reporting and tracking

You can report or track DC/OS bugs in JIRA. In order to create a new issue, you'll need to sign in or request a new account. When filing an issue please specify what type it is: for software bugs specify 'Bug', or to suggest how to make DC/OS even more awesome, select 'Improvement'. The more detailed your description is, the easier it is for us to react to it.

Contributing code

The precise process for contributing code to DC/OS currently varies depending on the DC/OS repo you'd like to contribute to. If there's a working group that covers your area of interest, join it and talk with the group leader about what you'd like to do. If not, don't be shy to contact the person who contributes most often to your repo of interest. Once you've discussed your project, you might be asked to create a JIRA ticket to track work, follow contribution instructions in the repo's, or both.

Overall, DC/OS's contribution process is modeled after the ASF process with a strong emphasis on individual contributors. The following are the four pillars of the DC/OS governance:

(1) Everyone who uses DC/OS is a contributor and is encouraged to provide feedback on the usage of DC/OS, for example by raising a JIRA ticket or via Slack.

(2) Any contributor can also eventually be selected as a committer, with the difference that a committer has push access to all the DC/OS repos.

(3) A dedicated Github organization called provides a sandboxed environment for new or experimental projects. Any DC/OS contributor can ask to add a project in dcos-labs if they have a champion from the PMC.

Packages in the Universe

In addition to the services currently published you're welcome to publish your own service in the D2iQ Universe (the package repository installed by default on DC/OS, which is not technically part of DC/OS proper). If you're unsure how to proceed, send us an email via and D2iQ will work with you from there.