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DC/OS 1.11.6

Latest stable release. Tested and ready for use in production.

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Early Access

1.12.0-beta1Release Notes


DC/OS 1.12-dev

DC/OS 1.12 Beta1

Sep 20, 2018

DC/OS 1.12 beta releases are for testing only and should not be run in production. Please feel free to explore the beta release, and file any issues you find in Jira. Your help looking for bugs is much appreciated!

  • Details coming soon.

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1.12.0-beta1 Release Notes


DC/OS 1.11

Mar 8, 2018

Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11 includes an installable Kubernetes service (GA), enhancements to operations, storage, and networking, and a GA universal container runtime.

  • Installable Kubernetes GA (high availability, resilience, security).
  • Storage: Pods persistent volumes support, Container Storage Interface (CSI) beta.
  • User Interface: Service endpoints tab, package editing in GUI.
  • Networking: performance improvements.
  • Operations: Node decommissioning command, Prometheus formatted metrics.
  • Universal Container Runtime: GA, image garbage collection.
  • Apache Mesos 1.5 with fault domain primitives.
  • Marathon 1.6.

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1.11.6 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.10

Sep 8, 2017

DC/OS 1.10 includes core DC/OS service improvements, CNI networking enhancements, and data service enhancements.

  • User Interface: Streamlined GUI, multi-cluster CLI support.
  • Container Orchestration: UCR improvements.
  • Platform: Enhanced node, cluster, and upgrade checks.
  • Networking: Improved CNI support, configurable Spartan upstream DNS server for domains.
  • Data Services: Deployment into folders.
  • Apache Mesos 1.4.
  • Marathon 1.5.

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1.10.8 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.9

Mar 28, 2017

DC/OS 1.9 includes many new capabilities for operators, and expands the collection of data and developer services.

  • Updated and improved GUI.
  • Container Orchestration: GPUs, Pods.
  • Operations: Logging, Metrics, and Debugging improvements.
  • Networking: CNI support, performance improvements.
  • Upgrades tooling.
  • Apache Mesos 1.2.
  • Marathon 1.4.

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1.9.10 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.8

Feb 10, 2017

DC/OS 1.8 includes container and jobs scheduling available directly through the UI.

  • Jobs.
  • Networking improvements.
  • Binary services CLIs.
  • Offline Universe (package management service).
  • Non-root user config for data services.
  • Apache Mesos 1.0.3.
  • Marathon 1.3.9 (native in the DC/OS UI).

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1.8.10 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.7

Apr 19, 2016

DC/OS 1.7 is the first open source DC/OS release, and includes improvements to installation and networking.

  • Improved installation.
  • Networking: VIPs and DNS.
  • Storage services.
  • Apache Mesos 0.28.
  • Marathon 1.0.0.

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1.7-open Release Notes


Older Versions

DC/OS Community Edition describes versions 1.6 and earlier, which were free and available from Mesosphere, Inc. but not open source. When Mesosphere open sourced DC/OS on April 19th, 2016, they stopped distributing Community Edition, and versions 1.6 and earlier are no longer available.

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