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DC/OS 1.12.3

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DC/OS 1.13-dev

DC/OS 1.12

Oct 25, 2018

Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12 includes the Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE), beta release of the Mesosphere Jupyter Service (MJS), a new metrics pipeline, and SELinux support

  • High density Multi-Kubernetes with Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE)
  • Secure, Cloud-Native Jupyter Notebooks with Mesosphere Jupyter Service (MJS) BETA
  • Easy, simplified installation & upgrade of DC/OS with the new Universal Installer
  • Supported installation & operation of SELinux on DC/OS clusters
  • Expanded upgrade paths within supported minor and major versions of DC/OS
  • Flexible, configurable metrics pipeline with multiple output formats
  • Apache Mesos 1.7 with significant performance improvements
  • Marathon 1.7 with Improved Preferential GPU Scheduling
  • Enabled env-var secrets to attach to Job
  • UI/UX Enhancements with over 100+ bug fixes

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1.12.3 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.11

Mar 8, 2018

Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11 includes an installable Kubernetes service (GA), enhancements to operations, storage, and networking, and a GA universal container runtime.

  • Installable Kubernetes GA (high availability, resilience, security).
  • Storage: Pods persistent volumes support, Container Storage Interface (CSI) beta.
  • User Interface: Service endpoints tab, package editing in GUI.
  • Networking: performance improvements.
  • Operations: Node decommissioning command, Prometheus formatted metrics.
  • Universal Container Runtime: GA, image garbage collection.
  • Apache Mesos 1.5 with fault domain primitives.
  • Marathon 1.6.

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1.11.10 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.10

Sep 8, 2017

DC/OS 1.10 includes core DC/OS service improvements, CNI networking enhancements, and data service enhancements.

  • User Interface: Streamlined GUI, multi-cluster CLI support.
  • Container Orchestration: UCR improvements.
  • Platform: Enhanced node, cluster, and upgrade checks.
  • Networking: Improved CNI support, configurable Spartan upstream DNS server for domains.
  • Data Services: Deployment into folders.
  • Apache Mesos 1.4.
  • Marathon 1.5.

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1.10.11 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.9

Mar 28, 2017

DC/OS 1.9 includes many new capabilities for operators, and expands the collection of data and developer services.

  • Updated and improved GUI.
  • Container Orchestration: GPUs, Pods.
  • Operations: Logging, Metrics, and Debugging improvements.
  • Networking: CNI support, performance improvements.
  • Upgrades tooling.
  • Apache Mesos 1.2.
  • Marathon 1.4.

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1.9.10 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.8

Feb 10, 2017

DC/OS 1.8 includes container and jobs scheduling available directly through the UI.

  • Jobs.
  • Networking improvements.
  • Binary services CLIs.
  • Offline Universe (package management service).
  • Non-root user config for data services.
  • Apache Mesos 1.0.3.
  • Marathon 1.3.9 (native in the DC/OS UI).

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1.8.10 Release Notes

DC/OS 1.7

Apr 19, 2016

DC/OS 1.7 is the first open source DC/OS release, and includes improvements to installation and networking.

  • Improved installation.
  • Networking: VIPs and DNS.
  • Storage services.
  • Apache Mesos 0.28.
  • Marathon 1.0.0.

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1.7-open Release Notes


Older Versions

DC/OS Community Edition describes versions 1.6 and earlier, which were free and available from Mesosphere, Inc. but not open source. When Mesosphere open sourced DC/OS on April 19th, 2016, they stopped distributing Community Edition, and versions 1.6 and earlier are no longer available.

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