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DC/OS 1.8

Latest stable release. Ready for production use.

Release Notes

Early Access

DC/OS 1.9

Upcoming release. Ready for development and testing.

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DC/OS master

Bleeding edge automated release. Only tested with automated tests.

Older Releases

1.8.7 - Nov 14, 2016

New and changed features

Fixed issues

  • DCOS-10959 - Update 1.8 Java to 8u112.
  • DCOS-11027 - Network performance improvements for 1,000 node clusters.
  • DCOS-11260 - In some situations, Marathon can fail to elect a leader during ZooKeeper restart.
  • Warning: constraint validation change: Constraint validation in Marathon is significantly improved with Marathon 1.3.x. Previously acceptable values for regular expressions, such as LIKE and UNLIKE, may no longer pass validation since they are not valid regular expressions. Where possible, Marathon will correct the regular expression (specifically * to .*); however, when this is not possible, the constraint will be removed and a warning will be logged for the affected app IDs.

1.8.6 - October 19, 2016

Fixed issues

  • DCOS-450 - Fixed race condition in diagnostics service.

1.8.5 - October 13, 2016

Fixed issues

  • HTTP Proxy is now fixed. For more information, see the documentation.
  • CORE-632 - Fixes for logrotation in Mesos.
  • DCOS-9966 - Improved error messages are printed for NTP service startup check.

1.8.4 - September 15, 2016

New and changed features

  • DCOS-8848 - Experimental support for unified containerizer in DC/OS.
  • DOCS-1113 - dcos jobs command is now available in the CLI. For more information, see the documentation.

Fixed issues

  • DCOS-9637 - Now reports the correct URL for AWS templates.
  • DCOS-9104 - Task count and resources are correct in the UI.
  • DCOS-9617 - The UID of remote users is shown in the UI.
  • DCOS-9191 - Added DNS for discoverable services to the UI.
  • DCOS-9162 - Enabled Kill and Scale for locked services.

Known issues and limitations

  • DCOS-9783 - Package service broken with java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty. The workaround is to restart the Package service (dcos-cosmos.service).

1.8.3 - September 6, 2016

New and changed features

  • You can generate custom AWS Advanced templates from the custom installer file (dcos_generate_config.sh --aws-cloudformation) and a configuration file (config.yaml). Only a subset of the configuration file options are allowed (e.g. resolvers and exhibitor_backend cannot be changed).
  • New version of the Jobs component (Metronome 0.1.9).
  • To clarify the location of the installed files, the DC/OS installer refers to genconf/ instead of /genconf/.
  • CentOS AMIs are updated to include a fix for a Docker 1.11.2 bug, which caused Docker to not start.
  • DC/OS can now be built using older Docker versions.
  • Mesos-DNS 0.5.3-rc2.
  • Updated DC/OS UI.
  • Marathon 1.3.0-RC6 release notes.
  • Updated the DC/OS Diagnostics component (dcos-3dt.service) with numerous bug fixes.
  • BUILD_DIR is no longer printed when you run the custom installer (dcos_generate_config.sh).
  • The custom DC/OS installer has been refactored and reworked.
  • gen_resolvconf.py will attempt to renameresolv.conf, but if that fails it will fall back to writing directly.
  • If you have an existing SSH connection to a master, you can quickly add a new user to your cluster with the dcos_add_user.py script. Just run sudo -i /opt/mesosphere/bin/dcos_add_user.py <password>. For more information see PR 609.

Fixed issues

1.8.2 - August 25, 2016

New and changed features

  • Marathon 1.3.0-RC5
  • CentOS 7 AMI builder scripts
  • Updated Cosmos API for DC/OS services
  • Added a flag to the custom installer, --cli-telemetry-disabled, to disable the CLI basic telemetry. For more information, see the documentation.
  • Improved handling of /etc/resolv.conf around systemd-networkd
  • Moved REX-Ray out of the agent advertised port range
  • The preflight port check is different for masters and agents
  • Removed SPDY and HTTP/2 from admin router (the nginx and OpenResty is broken)
  • Always enable EBS optimization for AWS clusters (EbsOptimized)
  • Fold dcos-vol-discovery-{priv,pub}-agent.service into the appropriate dcos-mesos-slave service, making it easier to change the resources on a host and reset the agent
  • Marathon and Metronome run as non-root
  • Switch to /etc/os-release for OS Detection
  • Switch to argparse's default help for dcos_generate_config.sh
  • General internal code cleanup and technical debt fixes

Fixed issues

  • Named VIPS with 2 or more ports in use.
  • dcos-adminrouter-reload.service
  • Diagnostics component checking of timer units which exit non-zero (found the dcos-adminrouter-reload bug).

1.8.1 - August 2016

Fixes and enhancements

Over 1350 other fixes and enhancements to DC/OS and DC/OS Services, including:

  • DCOS-7415 - Unable to fetch /v2/tasks as plaintext for Marathon 0.15.3 in some cases.
  • DCOS-7422 - Improved reconnect logic in the case of root Marathon / Mesos master disconnections.
  • DCOS-7810 - Invalid IDs inside of nested groups leading to unexpected blocked deployments.
  • DCOS-7926 - Improved Marathon performance while deploying thousands of tasks.
  • DCOS-8128 - Improved Marathon task recovery in the case of some network events.
  • DCOS-8370 - Apps should not be able to share the same service port on a single host.
  • DCOS-8730 - Admin Router does not respect ports provided by external proxy.
  • MARATHON-888 - Improved handled of orphaned containers after master failover.
  • MARATHON-956 - Improved Marathon performance to prevent occurrence of "futures timed out" errors.

Known issues and limitations

  • DCOS-270 - Docker version 1.12.x is not supported.
  • DCOS-8975 - Port mapping for virtual networks is not displayed correctly.

1.8.0 - October 13, 2016

The release notes provide a list of useful topics and links for DC/OS.

Breaking Changes

  • Manual modifications of Admin Router config are not supported. If you require a custom certificate, you must run HAProxy in front of Admin Router.
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) must be enabled on all nodes for clock synchronization. For more information, see the documentation.
  • The AcceptEULA parameter was removed from AWS templates. Any scripts written to deploy these templates may need to be updated so the parameter is no longer passed when deploying the templates.

What's New

Apache Mesos 1.0 and Marathon 1.3 RC integrated



Packages installable from the UI

You can now install packages from the DC/OS Universe with a single click in the web interface. The packages can be installed with defaults or customized directly in the UI. For more information, see the [documentation][1].

DC/OS component health available in the UI

You can monitor the health of your cluster components from the DC/OS web interface. The component health page provides the health status of all DC/OS system components that are running in systemd. You can drill down by health status, host IP address, or specific systemd unit. For more information, see the [documentation][3].


Install on any virtual or physical machines.