With the rise of continuous tooling in development, open source projects are keen to join the new wave of tooling which allows them to replicate this within their projects, rather than depending on supporting companies for testing and quality assurance. As open source projects they are often on using open technologies, infrastructure platforms like OpenStack, DC/OS (powered by Apache Mesos), and Kubernetes are allowing them to replicate much of the functionality that was previously only available with proprietary, hosted solutions.

Taking this one step further, several open source projects and organizations have begun full-scale open sourcing of their infrastructures. This allows their community members and other organizations to directly benefit from their Continuous Integration tooling and more.

Complete infrastructures have now become open source projects unto themselves, and operations engineers becoming more experienced open source contributors, alongside their open source developer colleagues. This has brought in considerable value to these organizations and today there’s a concentrated effort to share even more tooling across them.

Event link: Building Open Source Project Infrastructures - Elizabeth K. Joseph, Mesosphere