This event hosted a mix of talks and speakers from Vamp, Flink, and Mesosphere:

Welcome - Current Developments of Apache Mesos and Marathon

Johannes and Jörg will give a short overview of the current developments in Mesos and Marathon.

Vamp - How to canary release your applications on DCOS

This short talk gives some practical examples of how you can gradually release new application versions (or any other containerised workload) to a Mesosphere DCOS cluster. Using Vamp, a package available on the Mesosphere Universe, you can target specific audiences, split traffic based on percentages or make up your own workflow from scratch.

Tim is product evangelist for Vamp, the open source canary release platform for cloud native stacks. Tim spends the rest of his time writing Javascript and trying to tune his Fender Telecaster.

Matt and Jörg will talk about fast data processing and the SMACK (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka) stack. They will also look at alternative components in SMACK stack and in particular the integration of Apache Flink in DC/OS and Mesos. Using Flink and Kafka, they will show how to detect money laundering in financial transactions processing.

Event Link: Mesos, Vamp, Marathon, Flink, SMACK and Beyond



Introduction/Mesos & Marathon Update

Vamp - How to canary release your applications on DCOS