About CubaConf

“CubaConf, is an international conference about free software and open technologies that will have its second edition in La Habana from November 7th to 9th, 2017. CubaConf is a meeting from the international community of enthusiasts of the free technologie’s world, peer to peer focused and collective development. It seeks the participation of people with different profiles and diverse geographical locations.

From the organization of the conference, it is aimed at the diversity of both topics and projects, as of its participants, so the participation of women, minority groups, in these activities is crucial to build new inclusive spaces of knowledge and dialogue about technology. The main idea is to know people experience and organizations who work with and in free software, with old hardware technologies and little or slow bandwidth, to talk about how free software can help developing countries.”

Event link: CubaConf 2017


Open source is incredibly popular in today’s technology stacks, and we’ve been seeing a shift in how infrastructures are being managed with open source tooling. Look back through the history of why we chose to go with open source and what it can teach us today as you evaluate hosted platforms.




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