Using a container orchestration platform like DC/OS, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes makes it trivial to setup an automated continuous deployment pipeline that pushes code to production on every commit (perhaps with some tests thrown in the middle). This is a win for customers (they see new features sooner), developers (much less bureaucracy with each release) and operators (fewer changes with each release means less risk).

In this presentation, Elizabeth will describe and demonstrate advanced deployment strategies including canary deployments and blue/green deployments, explaining you how you can integrate these with continuous deployment pipelines. She will then give an introduction to DC/OS and the tooling that can be used to accomplish these advanced pipelines and with a demonstration of a simple CI/CD pipeline running fully on open source software.

Event link: Docker Philadelphia: Doing CI/CD with Containers!!!




All set up for the #Docker Philly Meetup!

Thanks to @jjmiv for getting a photo during my #CICD talk tonight!

My demo worked! 🎉🎉🎉