Selected Launch Quotes

"The world needed a better architecture for all modern apps, not just containers. DC/OS represents a major industry transformation, delivering today’s enterprises an open source datacenter-scale operating system that pools compute resources into what looks like one big computer, running containers, microservices, big data systems and other components of modern applications with ease. The open source community has come together around DC/OS to deliver an amazing ecosystem of products and datacenter services."

Florian Leibert
CEO & Co-Founder, Mesosphere

"DC/OS takes an open source approach ideally suited for applications that will define the next decade of business. Microsoft selected DC/OS for the Azure Container Service so our customers can easily build, deploy and manage modern applications on our enterprise-ready Azure cloud platform, as well as in private and hybrid cloud environments."

Mark Russinovich
Azure Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

"DC/OS is specifically designed for organizations seeking highly scalable, agile application development with continuous improvement and robust, reliable deployment. Accenture is mature in its ability to implement container-based solutions and DC/OS is a powerful underlying technology that will provide us with the implementation agility needed for custom development projects. We look forward to continuing our participation in the DC/OS open source project and supporting the evolution of the ecosystem."

Edy Liongosari
Managing Director, Accenture Labs

"Alluxio (formerly Tachyon Nexus) and Mesosophere share a common legacy at the UC-Berkeley AMPLab, where our core technologies were created and incubated alongside other innovative projects such as Spark. These technologies come together again on a powerful and easy-to-use DC/OS. The ability to integrate the Alluxio memory-speed virtual distributed storage system with various computation frameworks such as Spark on DC/OS will change the way organizations build and run data-driven applications.”

Haoyuan Li
CEO, Alluxio

“As a young, venture-funded startup, our focus is on continuously innovating ArangoDB’s functionality and growing our market share. The DC/OS SDK, the primitives in the Mesos kernel, and the DC/OS extensions that allow for packaging and distribution are allowing us to expand our footprint rapidly. We at ArangoDB believe that changing the world is a matter of enabling people to focus their limited time on valuable tasks and having free access to the best technology out there. With the launch of DC/OS, the whole open source movement took a big step forward.”

Claudius Weinberger
CEO and Founder, ArangoDB

“DC/OS is delivering the future of application hosting to our customers and here at Big Industries we're super excited about it. We’re using DC/OS to deploy the next logical progression in systems architecture – the compute cluster operating system – and it is bringing our clients improved market agility and tighter SLA compliance, even while consolidating their costs. Do more with less? You got it.”

Robert Gibbon
Partner, Big Industries

"Big Switch Networks is excited to participate in the DC/OS community. The DC/OS concept of one logical computer is highly synergistic with Big Switch’s SDN-based one logical switch. Together, the solution offers a highly simplified and automated infrastructure for deploying and scaling modern applications and containers, while ensuring attractive economics and no vendor lock-in."

Prashant Gandhi
VP Products and Strategy, Big Switch Networks

"DC/OS allows our clients to harness the power of a datacenter operating system in a true open source fashion. It allows them to seamlessly transition their container-backed applications into production without having to worry about the intricacies of building and managing large scale infrastructure.”

Peter Evison
UK/US Commercial Director, Cake Solutions

"Canonical customers require the ability to deploy scale-out applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. In private and public clouds Ubuntu is the leading Operating System for cloud environments and scale-out applications. We see DC/OS as a natural expansion of the capabilities of the hybrid cloud. DC/OS delivers an open source operating system concept allowing a datacenter to act as system to pull together compute resources for scale-out applications. We and Mesosphere are focused on simplifying and automating the challenge of operating at massive scale. We are excited to join the DC/OS community in this launch."

John Zannos
VP Cloud Platform / Business Development, Canonical

"At Capgemini as part of the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) we provide an immersive experience to road test and accelerate your ideas and prototypes into real solutions. As enterprises embrace technologies available in DC/OS we believe this will lead to more innovative solutions especially in the world of Big Data and IoT. We’re excited to be part of the DC/OS community in this launch, having built our own in house open source Apollo on top of some of the DC/OS technologies. We believe DC/OS and the open source community can help enterprises transform their business by bringing performance, security, scalability and reliability to the fore."

Graham Taylor
AIE Engineering Lead, Capgemini

“In a software-driven economy, the application has become a revenue engine. We're excited to partner with Mesosphere and the open source community in enabling every business to deploy a modern application stack. By combining Chef and DC/OS, customers can automate the deployment of infrastructure and applications reliably, at any scale."

Ken Cheney
VP of Business Development & Product Marketing, Chef

"At Cisco we are interested in using DC/OS to deliver Mantl (, our batteries included end to end solution for your microservices infrastructure. The design point for Mantl is to focus a community around an end to end solution, not around an individual component; designed to solve business and team challenges, one glue, improved by the community, tested everywhere. We are very excited to be working with Mesosphere on DC/OS as this project that will greatly improve the stability and reliability of the microservices platform deployment and runtime."

Ken Owens
CTO, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Cisco Systems

"Citrix NetScaler is one of the leading ADC solutions in the market and our customers have come to rely on our products to run their most critical applications. As customers adopt new platforms like DC/OS, they can be assured that their existing, proven infrastructure is fully integrated and ready to use in these new environments. We have a number of customers who are already benefitting from the joint integration work resulting from our partnership."

Nand Mulchandani
Vice President of Market Development, Citrix

"Kafka continues to gain traction within enterprises across every industry imaginable as organizations look to harness the power of real-time data streams. We are pleased to offer support for the launch of the DC/OS open source project with the initial implementation of the Confluent Platform package. This first version offers Kafka 0.9 as a managed service within DC/OS—with complete support for Kafka Connectors—and future versions will support the other enterprise-ready components of the Confluent Platform including Schema Registry and an easy-to-use REST Interface."

Jay Kreps
CEO and Co-Founder, Confluent

"The open sourcing of the DC/OS is a significant step forward for the community and a large number of end-users. The open sourced DC/OS will increase adoption, reduce risks and radically lower the cost of experimentation for companies who are just getting started with their journey into containerised microservices. Our customers will be pleased they can use the DC/OS in conjunction with our open source developer tools, such as minimesos and Mesos-Starter, to easily get started with this great tool stack. We are delighted to support this initiative."

Jamie Dobson
CEO, Container Solutions

“Enterprise-scale big data and infrastructure challenges are never easy. The DC/OS open source project will enable our teams and clients to tackle big data, devops, continuous integration and continuous delivery faster. The DC/OS ecosystem, and the design approaches inspired by it, will help our clients successfully transform their business technology and forever change the way we look at cloud and devops.”

Artyom Astafurov
Managing Partner, Technology Consulting, DataArt

"Datadog is excited to be part of the open-source launch of DC/OS. With container adoption growing 5x over the past year, the need for a framework to manage large fleets of containers is stronger than ever. DC/OS is a powerful, datacenter-scale platform to run the next-generation of applications at scale and is a natural fit for Datadog's cloud-scale monitoring service."

Alexis Le-Quoc
CTO, Datadog

“Some people might underestimate the power of DC/OS when they see how easy it is to install, scale and manage, but don't be fooled, this launch is a very important milestone. That's why we were excited to have early access to the project, and join Mesosphere and the other 50+ launch partners in making it a reality. Our product, Agile Data Science Toolkit, is tightly integrated with DC/OS and introduces data science pipelines dedicated to specific environments and domains, while maintaining the business knowledge involved in the process.”

Andy Petrella
Co-Founder, Data Fellas

"DC/OS is the foundation for the new, hyperscale world where change happens constantly and manual optimization isn’t possible. Modern applications, deployed hundreds of times a day, need cloud-era technologies like DC/OS and Datera’s Elastic Data Fabric storage software; they can’t wait around while a human hand-crafts a LUN. The benefits of the datacenter operating system approach leave everything else looking outdated. Pre-cloud solutions from pre-cloud companies just can’t keep up."

Marc Fleischmann
Co-Founder and CEO, Datera

"Diamanti is the best infrastructure for running containers in production. By integrating support for DC/OS, we enable customers to deploy and manage containers alongside their existing infrastructure and applications. Containers address application mobility, but Diamanti automates data mobility for persistent storage and connecting containers. We leverage DC/OS open source orchestration and deliver seamless data center network interoperability to make our customers successful in moving container workloads from development into production with guaranteed levels of performance."

Mark Balch
Vice President of Products, Diamanti

"The way applications are built and run is undergoing radical change. Organizations are moving toward cloud-native architectures and embracing microservices as well as technologies like Mesos and Marathon. The goal is to improve workload efficiency while providing more resilience and real-time scalability. As soon as companies move beyond experimentation and contemplate production, they need enterprise quality software to run their business critical applications. DC/OS provides the underlying software layer that enables exactly this. Making DC/OS available in an open source edition will enable organizations to adopt this new paradigm quicker. At Dynatrace, we know that these new environments have very special monitoring requirements. Our joint effort with Mesosphere enables the delivery of cloud-native applications with confidence."

Alois Reitbauer
Chief Technology Strategist, Dynatrace

"We are excited for the launch of DC/OS ushering in a new dawn for Big Data. DC/OS provides interoperable service discovery and load balancing via Minuteman which is vital to the Software Defined Data Center's success. Elodina's Platform is plug and play with DC/OS allowing companies building an internal PaaS to orchestrate and operate Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, Apache Cassandra, Zipkin, StatsD, SysLog, ElasticSearch, DataStax Enterprise Edition and many more Frameworks as a Service. Elodina & DC/OS clusters provide multi-tenancy and micro-segmentation with split second auto scaling response times, auction bidding for resources and infrastructure portability for streams and storage of Giga, Tera, Peta and Exa bytes of production data."

Joe Stein
CTO, Elodina

"At EMC {code] we strongly believe in embracing open source and running everything as software. This applied to infrastructure delivers large integration advantages and opportunities as well as freedom and flexibility a modern data center needs. DC/OS is critical in this space to ensure customers can leverage both the power of Mesos and the culture of innovation to solve real problems. We look forward to continued and elevated collaboration in this new expanded eco-system to enhance the services and capabilities of Mesos and DC/OS."

Josh Bernstein
VP Technology, EMC

"Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are the new reality. We see DC/OS as a critical part of the true hybrid cloud. Equinix is home to 1,100 network providers across 145 datacenters in 21 countries and we will be using DC/OS to form the foundation for an open source ecosystem that innovates around multi-cloud and IoT. We believe that DC/OS, combined with other initiatives like Open Compute, will drive rapid innovation in the manageability, performance, security, and reliability of modern applications in hybrid environments."

Ihab Tarazi
CTO, Equinix

"Businesses want to accelerate the development and delivery of secure and scalable cloud native services. HPE is excited to partner with Mesosphere to simplify this process for customers by bringing together container orchestration, big data, and composable technologies for modern data centers."

Manoj Nair
VP, CDI Converged Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Microservices and containers are transforming how enterprises are developing and managing their application portfolio for the cloud. Ishi Systems is excited to be part of the DC/OS community that brings enterprises a foundational platform on which to base their cloud-native transformation. DC/OS provides Ishi Systems customers a best-in-class platform for microservices and containers with enterprise-grade features backed by a vibrant open community.”

Saju Thomas
Director, Cloud Platforms, Ishi Systems

“MIRACL chose DC/OS as the first orchestration platform integration for MIRACL’s Distributed Datacenter Cryptosystem. Our world-class cryptographic solution is complemented by a world-class datacenter operating system, allowing us to leverage a highly available, expertly supported and constantly expanding ecosystem for modern cloud and on-premises datacenters.”

Brian Spector

"We love how DC/OS makes delivering highly scalable cloud-native solutions easy. DC/OS is built on top of Mesos, a robust and production-tested resource management framework, delivering an incredible experience for those running containers and big data applications. Combine this with NetApp’s portfolio and our unmatched ability to manage application data, and you’ve got a pairing that’s worth getting excited about.”

Jeff O’Neal
Sr. Director of the Data Fabric Group, NetApp

"We're excited to join the DC/OS community in this launch, as developers and operators can now easily access and deploy NGINX as part of their DC/OS environment through Universe. NGINX is one of the most widely deployed application tools in containerized environments, enabling organizations to confidently build and deliver their next-generation applications at scale. We see a huge opportunity for the DC/OS Universe to bring plug-and-play services and apps such as NGINX and NGINX Plus to the distributed enterprise."

Gus Robertson

"OpenCredo have been excited by Apache Mesos for a long time and the datacenter operating system product from Mesosphere made a huge amount of sense as a logical progression. As an open source consultancy working with leading edge technology we do on some occasions see reluctance in our clients to jump straight onto a commercial offering. We therefore see the launch of the open source DC/OS project as a massive opportunity that will help a broader range of organisations gain the benefits of DC/OS and will aid in building a significant community behind DC/OS."

Jonas Partner
CEO, OpenCredo

“DC/OS greatly simplifies installing and running a production cluster, enabling users to quickly innovate and experiment with new frameworks and services. At Puppet, we're committed to enabling organizations to build and operate constantly modern software and have been working with Mesosphere and the community on a module to install and configure DC/OS so that our customers can run these modern workloads in their datacenters."

Nigel Kersten
CIO, Puppet

"QCT, Mesosphere and others in the emerging DC/OS community share a mission to innovate on hyperscale datacenter infrastructure. DC/OS presents a compelling vision for hyperscale cloud management software built on open source principles. Its high scalability, fault resiliency and cost effectiveness can benefit our customers running hyperscale cloud-native apps on QCT’s integrated rack solutions. QCT’s state-of-the-art hardware provides a solid ground for customers deploying open source DC/OS."

Mike Yang
General Manager, QCT

"Quobyte is very excited to join Mesosphere and the other launch partners in pushing DC/OS another big step forward towards making the next generation datacenter available to everyone. Using DC/OS, our customers can complement Quobyte's storage system with an application infrastructure that is perfectly aligned with our vision of how the future datacenter will be run. It's all about operations at scale and this is what DC/OS excels at."

Felix Hupfeld
CTO, Quobyte

“Community is what open source is all about, and Mesosphere’s launch of DC/OS as open source adds to the excitement we and our customers share about modernizing and scaling applications. Customers love to hear that longevity and scale have been baked into DC/OS from the start, and the addition of a fully open-source version creates the easiest onramp to getting modern datacenter applications into production. Redapt is looking forward to providing the infrastructure, reference architecture, and cloud & devops consulting for DC/OS projects and helping to assure transformative results!”

Mark Williams
CTO, Redapt

"ARTIK Cloud, Samsung's platform for connected devices and IoT applications, has long been running its cloud infrastructure and continuous delivery pipeline with DC/OS components Mesos and Marathon as its foundation, with excellent gains in cloud resource optimization and in automation efficiency. We are very excited to join the community in launching DC/OS, and definitely see a lot of promise in having an open source DC/OS available to all. The open source community will accelerate its adoption and help the industry transition to this next generation of infrastructure abstraction, which is much needed in a time where large and complex microservice-based cloud architectures have become the norm."

Jerome Dubreuil
Senior Director Engineering, Samsung ARTIK Cloud

"DC/OS provides what developer-driven containers need to run with greater ease from an open-source Mesos framework. From install to proof of concept to hyperscale cluster operations, DC/OS gives you everything you need to produce tangible results in the new age of agile IT. Combining DC/OS with SolidFire’s all-flash, scale out storage platform as part of NetApp’s new portfolio provides developer-driven, container operations with an unstoppable infrastructure to run collectively for tomorrow’s cloud native requirements."

Keith Norbie
Senior Business Development Manager, SolidFire

"We’re very excited to work together with Mesosphere and the DC/OS community to offer a battle-hardened open-source package to the container community! DC/OS and VAMP are easy to install, fully featured and well documented. Combined they deliver production-grade container, Canary-testing & releasing and auto-scaling features for anybody to download and start using."

Olaf Molenveld

"Vapor IO is thrilled to be a part of the DC/OS launch. The DC/OS community has created something that the enterprise will be forced to look at as they adopt cloud native workloads. The power of an open source DC/OS extends the pluggability that will fundamentally shift how we build and manage IT environments. With the combined power of DC/OS and OpenDCRE, end-users will have unprecedented situational awareness, telemetry and control across OT infrastructure and IT infrastructure, with no fear of vendor lock-in at any level of the datacenter."

Cole Crawford
Founder and CEO, Vapor IO

"Using new architectural principles such as containers at carrier-scale, Verizon is taking new applications from idea to production with greater speed than traditional deployments. Combining resources from the greater open source community and DC/OS technology, Verizon will be able to better standardize operations and maximize efficiencies across multiple datacenters. The launch of the DC/OS open source community is another step toward accelerating innovation in the datacenter."

Larry Rau
Director of Architecture & Infrastructure, Verizon Labs

"Yelp is a heavy user of DC/OS technologies for managing a large Docker environment that spans our private datacenters and the public cloud. We even built our in house PaaS—PaaSTA—on top of DC/OS’s Marathon. Adopting these technologies has given Yelp’s developers and operators remarkable agility, and we believe DC/OS can bring the same results to all companies as they embrace technologies such as containers and cloud computing."

Michael Stoppelman
SVP of Engineering, Yelp