Production Experience, Now at Your Fingertips.

DC/OS is based on the production proven Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel, combining years of real-life experience with best practices for building and running modern applications in production.

Build Amazing Applications.

Build modern apps using state of the art technologies such as containers and big data services, and confidently move from development to production.

  • Microservices & Containers

    Build microservices applications using Docker with Marathon: DC/OS’s production proven container orchestrator.

  • Big Data & Analytics

    Build and integrate advanced big data, analytics and machine learning pipelines with Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra in your apps.

  • Infrastructure Agnostic Apps

    DC/OS runs on top of any bare-metal, private or public clouds, allowing you to maintain maximum portability for all your apps.

Operate with Confidence.

Operate your apps and services with the highest uptime and resource utilization with DC/OS's mature, battle-tested architecture. Benefit from advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools with best practices built-in.

  • A Single Logical Datacenter

    Easily operate advanced apps & services on the same infrastructure with integrated service discovery, load balancing, workload scheduling, storage management, and more.

  • Self Healing Infrastructure

    Confidently maintain uptime with high availability, automatic failure detection & recovery and non-disruptive upgrades.

  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    Combine monitoring and troubleshooting tools with built-in best practices to debug any process in your datacenter.

Outpace the Competition.

Empower your team to develop innovative new services and rapidly deploy them to customers.

  • Services Ecosystem

    Easily roll out the latest datacenter technologies developed with automation and operational best practices from the fast-growing DC/OS partner ecosystem.

  • Roll Out Apps Quickly

    Easily integrate with release automation and CI/CD tools to accelerate your software release lifecycle from development to production.

  • Attract Top Talent

    Attract the best developers, devops and operations engineers by providing them with cutting edge tools and technologies.

    Autodesk is Forging Ahead with Mesos, Containers and DC/OS

    Having now run our event streaming and Big Data ingestion pipeline services in production on DC/OS, across 3 regions, over the last year, we've achieved the following results: a 66% reduction in AWS Instances, cost Improvements up to 57%, and an impressive 40 sec time to deploy a new build with zero downtime.

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    Open Source DC/OS: The modern way to run a distributed database

    Just a little while ago, setup, management and maintenance of a database cluster was just a world of pain. Now we have stepped across the edge to a new era in which open-source technology is all you need to run distributed applications at scale.

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    linkerd + DC/OS: microservices in production made easy

    linkerd is Buoyant’s open source traffic layer manager for microservices. If you’re running microservices on DC/OS, you can install the linkerd DC/OS package today to get programmable control over the flow of all RPC traffic throughout your application.

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    SMACK stack on DC/OS -- how it’s all woven together

    In this blog, we explore how easy it is to run an application on DC/OS using the SMACK stack (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka). We focus on how the different components of the stack are woven together to support the application.

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    On-demand Interactive Data Science with DC/OS

    In this post, we analyze a set of road safety data from Great Britain, 1979-2004. This analysis requires distributed processing and we create an environment that allows our processing jobs to scale horizontally. We’re running a DC/OS cluster with an interactive research notebook (container of Jupyter Python Notebook with Apache Spark) and a distributed file system (HDFS).

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    DC/OS is 100% open source, co-developed with customers who are using it in large-scale productions.

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